Hedgehog awareness week 2017 – Garden hedgehogs

02/05/2017By StewartEcology news

Hedgehog awareness week 2017 – Garden hedgehogs It’s hedgehog awareness week 2017, so I thought I would post videos of the hedgehog activity in our garden. Last night we were visited by three different hedgehogs. Individuals can be identified on video, by their different sizes, characteristics and sex. The video above shows a hedgehog foraging … Read More

Bats and Churches win the lottery!

04/03/2017By StewartBats, Ecology news

Bats and churches Bats often use churches to roost. In most cases the roost will go unnoticed, and cause no harm. Occasionally though, larger roosts can form inside the building. The presence of a large roost can cause damage.┬áThe survey and licensing requirements can hinder repair and maintenance work, and bring conflict with parishioners. A … Read More