Nesting bird check in Nantwich Cheshire CW2

This morning I completed a nesting bird check in Nantwich Cheshire CW2. The site has planning permission to demolish buildings. No nesting birds were found, and the work was allowed to begin.


My client has planning approval to demolish an old house and barn, to build a small residential development on the site. Birds nested in the buildings earlier in the year.  The nesting bird check, was a condition of planning.

Breeding bird survey

The nesting bird survey involved being on site at dawn. Watching the buildings, and hedgerow, for nesting birds, leaving, or returning to a nest. Sometimes  birds can be seen returning to a nest, with food for young chicks. Other times a single adult bird can be seen returning to feed an adult who is sat on eggs. Typically, birds nest between March and August. This can vary by species, and weather conditions. UK legislation protects all nesting birds.

It is important to check before cutting down trees, or cutting back hedgerows, or garden shrubs, as birds can nest in these areas. Adult birds will abandon the nest if disturbed. This can result in eggs, and dependant young being abandoned. And can have e a huge impact on bird populations.

If areas which are used by nesting birds are lost, it is a good idea to provide some alternative areas, where they can nest, in the following years. This can be as simple as putting up bird boxes in the garden, or planting replacement trees, hedgerows, and shrubs.

Survey outcome

No active nests were found in the buildings, or in the hedgerow. Work was allowed to start straight away. A letter was provided to discharge the planning condition.

If you need a nesting bird survey, please contact us for advice, or a quote.

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