bat scoping survey of a house in Hale Trafford
bat scoping survey of a house in Hale Trafford

Bat scoping survey of a house in Hale, Trafford

Today I completed a bat scoping survey of a house in Hale, Trafford. The survey was required for a planning application for a loft conversion and extension. No bat droppings were found, and the building is not suitable for roosting bats, and no further surveys are needed.

Bat survey

The bat scoping survey involved an internal and external inspection of the building. To look for any bat droppings, or other signs that bats have been using the building. In buildings, bats often roost, in small cracks and crevices, under roof and ridge tiles, in cavity walls, and behind fascia boards. I didn’t find any droppings or other indicators that bats had been inside the building.

Bat habitat

There are less bats in urban and sub-urban areas, than in areas of woodland, and countryside. Because the habitat is less suitable for bats, and there is more disturbance. However, linked back gardens, tree lined streets, and even road and railway embankments, provide good foraging habitat for bats. And bats use these areas of green space to feed. And often roost in buildings, close by.

Survey outcome

No further surveys of the house are needed. This is because – the house was well maintained, and the roof is in good condition. Ridge tiles are cemented in place with no missing tiles, or gaps between tiles. And no small gaps which could be used by bats. The walls are cement rendered solid brick, and so there is no cavity in the walls which could be used. Roof timbers are sealed with cement render and there are no gaps which could allow access between roof tiles, timbers, and brickwork. No bat droppings or other evidence that bats use the building was found.

Fast survey report

My client paid an extra £50 to have the report ready the next working day. This allowed her to submit the planning application to Trafford quickly.

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