I'm not trying to change the world; just to do something simple, well.


Gritstone ecology is run by (me) Stewart Bradshaw, I am a sole trader. I provide a professional, high quality service to my clients. At a price that is fair. There are benefits to being small, all of which align with the way I want to work... Simply. 

Being a sole trader benefits my clients;

I do not charge VAT, which helps to reduce cost.

I provide a personal service, when you call or email, it is me who answers.

I am simple to contact, by telephone or by email, you do not need to go through anyone else to speak to the surveyor who came to your house, or wrote your report. It was me.

I can complete your surveys and reports quickly; because I only take on work, when I have the capacity to complete it. This keeps me free from stress and minimises delays.

I can be flexible, and move quickly.

I operate honestly and fairly. I charge a flat rate, and my surveys are charged in a modular way. This is based on the time that the survey, analysis, and written reports will take. Anyone working with me is paid fairly. This attracts the best surveyors, keeps the quality of work high, and reduces the overall cost to our clients. These things combined, provide a fast, flexible and professional service to you, at a fair price.

About me

In a few words....


I have been working in ecology since 2007. Before I started I was a soldier, before that a scout, before that I could be found climbing trees and collecting spiders. I was the type of child that brought things home in jars and buckets. I've always loved the outdoors. Always felt at home in nature.

The first time I got on the train from Manchester as a young teenager, and arrived in Edale in the Derbyshire Peak District, I fell in love with the place. It's wildness, the purple heather, cold streams; the strange shapes of the gritstone rock. The spectacular bleakness. It was the opposite of the streets I grew up on.

The gritstone rock, found in Edale and across the Peak District, shapes the ecology and landscape character of much of the north and northwest of England, and parts of North Wales. Houses, mills, bridges, churches, all of the same rough, bleak stone, form a recognisable human landscape, which binds Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria and Cheshire. The rock forms the shape of the hills, and the acid grasslands, plants, and trees, support a distinct suite of insects, birds, mammals and reptiles; which form the identity of this part of England.

Our landscape shapes our character, and influences our lives from an early age. I am a conservationist. The places we live and visit have value. It is a value worth preserving. We can build and change our environment, but we should do so in a responsible way, which seeks to conserve that which has value.